Our Values

We drive the tech transformation of products and teams through disruptive values, reactive software and holistic processes


Rethink your digital transformation to enter the future. Let us show you innovative ways to reinvent your product, adding great value for your customers and reducing friction drastically, thus improving user adoption.


Imagine your application's interface updating instantly in real time when data change. Imagine no web page reloads, no old data being shown in your mobile app. Fluid interface and amazing user experience.


We want to be your tech partner and help you step into the next level of progress and quality. We provide highly skilled tech professionals with a lot of experience in world-class projects, right into your product.

Tell us your needs

Explain your project, your desired changes for your product or team and we will offer you a detailed strategy and a comprehensive development plan

Why Choose Us

We want to help you listening to your needs, providing absolute passion to what we do and applying constant innovation in the methodologies and technologies that we use.

Tell us about your product

We are eager to know about your project plans, your product's current status and wishes and we will help you to make it all happen.

Our Services

These are our main areas of current work:

Platforms on which we develop bots

Conversational Bots Development

We are specialists developing conversational bots. Facebook Messenger bots perform on Wit.ai using its official Bot Engine Natural Language and its APIs for sending and receiving messages. We are also experts in developing bots on Slack, using their APIs HTTP and Real Time therefore, with which we have designed our first product.

In all our projects with bots, we analyze customer needs and design an ideal architecture based on those needs, always using the latest technology, including Natural Language and Machine Learning for perfect conversational experience.

Some technologies we use in Front-End

Front-End Reactive development

We stand out by our talented reactive front-end development. We love reactivity, it is at the heart of what we do and build on the Front-End with frameworks like AngularJS, MeteorJS, ReactJS, VueJS or AureliaJS.

We adapt perfectly to the specific project and build interfaces that allow instant user interaction with the application and data visualization in real time, getting an amazing user experience that increases their entailment.

Some technologies we use in Back-End

Back-End Reactive development

The Back-End is key in any of our projects and we build it using the most advanced technology. For the development of APIs, and architectures that support complex applications and for integration of different data sources. We build it considering reactivity and high concurrency.

Some technologies we use are Node.js io ReactiveX, specifications such as REST and GraphQL, databases such as MongoDB, Firebase or RethinkDB and frameworks like MeteorJS or Horizon.

Some technologies we use in Mobile

Mobile reactive development

Mobile devices are the most immediate item we have within our grasp and we must provide them with an equally immediate interaction. The Mobile area is probably the most evolved in recent years and it is crucial the choice of technologies, a matter we can help with.

We specialize in Android with rxJava, but we also use Kotlin and rxSwift. We are beginning to use in some projects cross-platform solutions like React Native and NativeScript.